Mommy rant

To work or not to work?

Well, you have to think about you and your children’s futures. Do you *really* think your husband’s going to be around forever?

Blind answer #1: We have life insurance. Hello: Life insurance runs out. Quickly.

Blind answer #2: He won’t leave me. That’s the epitome of delusional thinking. Many men have left perfectly good wives for new/younger pussy. It happens. And anyway, what if you ever want to leave HIM? Life changes people. Your once laid-back, loving hunn-bun can eventually turn bitter, cold, and mean. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen. What then? How do you leave a decaying relationship without any means to support yourself? What if the relationship turns abusive? Don’t automatically assume that this won’t happen to you. You just never know.

In the event that you find yourself having to support a family on your own… how do you plan on doing that with no career? How do you plan to do that making minimum wage?

I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I stayed home for three years, then went back to work full-time, then back to part-time. I was a former Stay-Home Enthusiast, and here’s what I have to say: JUST SAY NO to SAHM syndrome. If you must stay home, which I can wholeheartedly understand because I spent many Monday mornings in the office bathroom crying my eyes out because I missed my son, then do it. But for Christ’s sake (and your own, and your children’s), at least continue your education. Take online courses. Read. Get a part-time job when the little ones are a little bit more self-sufficient. Hey now, did you see that word? SELF-SUFFICIENCY. If it’s important for your children to learn it, shouldn’t it be important for you to keep it?


Author: Soulrebel

You say "feminist" like it's a bad thing.

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