Black Sheep

In a family ripe with Christians of the utmost morality, I, the eldest daughter, am most decidedly the Black Sheep of the family. I never thought it would be me to wear the label. Well….. did I? I always knew I was instinctively non-conforming.

I tried my best, I really did. I am just not made out to walk such a straight path. I am a sexual deviant. I am too open-minded. I don’t have anything against homosexuals; as a matter of fact, I *like* them. I like to wear miniskirts. I am not ashamed of my sexuality. I like to drink. But I don’t like to judge people. I am sincere. I believe in kindness and justice.

Still. That is not good enough to enter the Kingdom of God. Oh well. I accept that. Maybe it’s time I went ahead and got that tattoo, and seal the deal. I’m going to hell in a hand basket anyway.


Author: Soulrebel

You say "feminist" like it's a bad thing.

One thought on “Black Sheep”

  1. you say you are the eldest daughter. how many younger siblings? male? female?
    i am the eldest of three boys also raised in an extremely religious family. i, too, am the “black sheep” of the family. just thought it was a strange coincidence.

    thanx 4 the invite BTW

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