Faith & Love

I wish I didn’t have to choose between faith and love, God and family, beliefs and blood ties. I still can’t believe I had the courage to tell my Dad that I no longer believe in what he taught me. I thought he would be shocked, but he wasn’t. All the same. he reiterated his belief that only his faith is right, and there is nothing outside of it. I asked him: “Your religion encourages people to leave their old religions and family traditions in favor of this one, but if anyone from within decides they want to believe something else… that simply isn’t tolerated. That is a double standard”. He had nothing to say to that.

More words were exchanged, none which I care to share at this moment, but it felt so good to not feel like a leper for once. Their doctrine must be changing from within, because a few years ago, a simple hello to a disfellowshipped person was forbidden. Such is the reality for an ex-Jehovah’s Witness.


Author: Soulrebel

You say "feminist" like it's a bad thing.

3 thoughts on “Faith & Love”

  1. Not being JW ourselves but knowing those who went away from our teachings and teachings from other brethren close to us, the JW often doing that the founders of our movements founded theirs, over the years have changed several of their teachings always saying it was the new light, though all had to believe the WTTS was always right in its guidance which they receive from God and which was to be infallible, like the Catholics should consider the pope infallible.

    We also know of JW which even where belonging to the 144 000 but because of different thoughts where disfellowshipped and shunned. Strange that they would have been first the chosen ones from God to be later abandoned by God.

    In case people got stuck by human doctrines they land up in trouble. that is also what we can see with many who do not want to think for themselves but prefer to let others think for themselves and to give all the rules and regulations. Often people are quite happy when everything is arranged for them and they themselves do not have to take responsibility. In our movement that taking of responsibility is the most difficult step for people to take and most people do not join our society for that reason. Most people love to give some one the fault of a bad behaviour or wrong choice they made, therefore they also love to have a character as the devil in a person like Satan (for them), though satan means any adversary and is not a sort of demon living in the earth where men and women who did wrong are tortured for ever. Also many churches helped to create that idea of eternal fire and torture, so that they could keep everybody in control and demand offerings.

    With every thought parents should realise that not all of their children will take the same route as they and will not always have the same thoughts on political nor on religious level. The world is rich in diversity and that is what they ought to see and to accept. it is a learning process for both, parents and children, which demands respect from both parties.

    1. Thank you for your enlightening comment. What you said has much clarity, and your approach is much more kind and human than what I am used to from the Watchtower.

      1. You are welcome and we do hope you having left the Jehovah’s Witnesses and perhaps having doubts about the kind God, perhaps having left Him, you might find the road back to Jehovah. Always remember that the WTBTS or JW organisation has not the sole right to use God’s Name nor to claim to be the only organisation worshipping God. Please look around and do find there are many more non-trinitarian churches or religious groups, where people sincerely want to share the love of God with others.

        In any case, we wish you success in life and do hope that Jehovah God shall bless you.

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