It sucks when good things go away

There was a neatly-tucked-away restaurant on what is the touristic hub of Las Olas. You kinda had to know it was there. Behind the main street, with a little sign hanging over a tiny corridor between two prime-location whores. You had to look UP to see the sign, clouded, shaded and muted by all the lights and bustle that goes on on Las Olas. It was called, quite simply, Las Olas Cafe. I think the menu sat outside too, either on a board or handed by waiters… I really can’t remember. It was a long time ago. Anyway, you had to go down this small alley/corridor to get to it.

The corridor opened up to a delightful little courtyard. There was a big tree in the middle of the courtyard, around which the terrace was built. There were tiny little tables for patrons who wished to sit outside. There were tiny lights intertwined in the tree’s trunk, lighting up the space.

Also lighting up the space were, naturally, the lights from the restaurant. The entrance was over to the left, if I remember correctly. It was tiny, but so exquisitely decorated. It felt like an old French house. A tiny, little French house with a tropical feel. The waiters were nice and it was just.. nice.

I don’t remember much of the food, other than it being very very good, but along the lines of a medium-upscale continental fare, without the fanfare of some of these post-modern presumptuous spots along Miami Beach or Boca. It was just … good.

The place closed down, reportedly because the landlord would not renew the lease. It just made me sad. And kinda angry at the landlords…

They say that everything changes, everything ends. That sucks.

P.S. Does anyone out there remember this restaurant?