Comcast and Economics

Comcast has outsourced their customer service


Comcast was famous for their horrific customer (dis)service. My god, how awful they were.

It seems like they were paying unqualified people minimum wage only to try and piss you off as much as possible before sending you to the “customer retention department” and throw some freebie at you to try keep you as a customer because you were so exhausted by the time they got you.

Comcast also had the best internet around and for the cheapest price.

Now, it seems that they have outsourced their customer service abroad. The last few times I had to call Comcast were actually…. pleasant. My blood pressure did not spike. I did not feel my blood boiling. My eyes did not twitch.

I suspect Comcast is paying these good customer service people even less than their old shitty American counterparts. And these people are GOOD… by far superior in their customer service skills than anyone I ever encountered stateside.

Now, is it that we are a shitty, entitled culture with shitty attitudes to match shitty wages?

Or is it that the people on top were too greedy to pay good people good money to provide good customer service?

In my opinion, it’s both, with the added element of the American public’s expectations of cheap, good shit (in this case, the “shit” in question being the Internet).

If the people at the top of Comcast were less greedy, they could offer better pay and hire better people, or at least keep their current people in a happier place so they may feel encouraged to do better. If people at the bottom did a better job at their minimum wage, they may get ahead (or maybe not, depending on just how greedy the capitalists at the top are). If they did a good job, the people at the top maybe wouldn’t need to hire much better people at much better rates somewhere in Bombay. If we, as whiny entitled American people didn’t expect such cheap prices for everything so that we can have it all on our meager salaries, the greedy uppers wouldn’t feel so compelled to cut corners with their staff so they can bring you cheaper internet while still lining their own chubby pockets. You see how we all played a hand in this Outsourcing that so many nice Republicans are always complaining about??

Author: Soulrebel

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