On human kindness

I will never forget the kindness of an elderly couple standing behind me at the Aldi checkout sometime last year. I believe I had cut them off somewhat, in a hurry to get in line. I had my arms full of groceries and I didn’t want to lose that spot that was just *that much* closer to the cashier. The fact is, the line was so long that it wouldn’t have made a difference, and I had to stand in line with my armful of groceries anyway.

What happened next is what I won’t forget. The old man nudged me, moved the groceries over in his cart, and gently said “Here, put your things down”. Fairly shocked, I politely refused. But then he insisted, and with the sweetest tone of a loving grandfather he said to me: “They will get heavy (the groceries), and you’ll get tired. Go ahead and put them down.” His wife was now standing next to him, smiling gently, and their kindness touched my heart. I put my groceries in their cart until it was my turn to put them on the conveyor belt.

I was so grateful for their kindness that I wanted to do something nice for them. The only thing I could think of was to pay for their groceries, which I did. I did it so that they did not know that I was paying until after I had left the line. I paid for their an my groceries and left to bag them. They found me afterward and were very grateful and appreciative of the fact I had paid for their groceries… I don’t think they realize how grateful I was to them- am, still, to this day. Not because they let me put my heavy groceries down in their cart (though I am grateful for that), but because they reminded me that kindness still exists. They made me feel loved, even though we had never met. They warmed my heart. They don’t know they renewed my faith in humanity.

I wish I could have followed them home and helped them bring up their groceries, maybe bake them some cookies, help them with housework, things like that, but I thought they might think I was creepy. I guess I’d want to be part of their lives and make sure they are cared for. I don’t know if I will ever see them again. Wherever they are, I hope they are happy and have someone to care for them. If I ever do get to see them again, I’d like to be that person.

Kindness is important. Pay it forward.


Author: Soulrebel

You say "feminist" like it's a bad thing.

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