Wise Woman

This morning I went to the vet’s office to pick up flea meds for my pets. There was an old black woman waiting in the lobby with her little dog on her lap. She was wearing a turban around her head. I looked back and smiled at her. Something about her called out to speak with her. I said  good morning , and she replied good morning in a very sweet Jamaican singsong voice.

She explained her little dog was a Chinese Crested. She told me she took it from a lady who said she could not keep her any longer because she didn’t want to keep beating the dog. The old woman said, “how can you possibly look at this little dog and beat it? Some people should  not have children, much less animals. And if they don’t love themselves they cannot love anyone else“.

I liked her a lot.


Author: Soulrebel

You say "feminist" like it's a bad thing.

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