Economy vs People

If you like donald trump because you say he’s good for the economy, while ignoring the environmental repercussions of his executive actions, being completely apathetic to the fact America was made great by immigrants, believing that abortion should be criminalized, and that the media should be suppressed… well then my friend, you have made it perfectly clear that money is more important to you than people.


From the Department of NOT NORMAL

This is not a normal president-elect, vice president-elect, nor leadership. #notnormal
Written by Jennifer Hofmann

It is NOT NORMAL for a president elect to choose a cabinet member by sending his business partner (who is also his son). A normal president use his own judgment in choosing his cabinet.

It is NOT NORMAL for a president elect to threaten electors if they don’t vote for you. A normal president trusts the electoral process and believes in Amercans’ democratic right to vote.

It is NOT NORMAL for a president-elect to use Twitter to communicate about his presidential actions and go without a press conference. A normal president would use the press to communicate and hold a press conference on average 3 days after an election.

It is NOT NORMAL for a president-elect’s public criticism of a company to cause their stocks to tank. A normal president is diplomatic in critiquing businesses publically because he or she values the people and jobs that company represents.


This tweet from DJT: Just watched @NBCNightlyNews – So biased, inaccurate and bad, point after point. Just can’t get much worse, although @CNN is right up there!

Compated to this tweet from Dan Diamond‏ @ddiamond:
Weirdest thing: I just watched Obama meet journalists who have criticized him — and he simply shook hands and thanked them for their work.

It is NOT NORMAL for a president elect to promise a press-covered event regarding his business conflicts of interests, then postpone via Twitter the night before because he’s is “busy.” A normal president would have already dealt with any business conflicts and kept his or her promise to the American people.

It is NOT NORMAL for scientists who study the einvironment to be afraid. It is NOT NORMAL for a president-elect to request the names of people who do this work. A normal president values experts who can inform policy with solid scientific data.

It is NOT NORMAL for the adult child (and business partner) of a president to move in to the White House. A normal president keeps business connections at an approproate distance and avoids conflicts of interest.

November 8, 2016

Like most people opposite of the Dark Side, I have been too distraught by recent events to focus on anything else that isn’t absolutely necessary for survival. I’ve done my best to plow on forward and remain a somewhat functioning human being on what has challenged the fact all common sense tells me we are headed for disaster.

On November 8, the Donald tRump was elected 45th president of the United States of America.

He appealed to the working class by telling them everything they wanted to hear. He brought out and played to the fears of the conservative working class in America- the financial insecurity, the racial tensions, the libertarian movement that so strongly threatens Christian hyper-sensitivities. He even managed to include the classic immigrant scapegoat  maneuver. But, as anyone with an open mind outside of that class could see, he was just selling them what they wanted to hear. And A LOT of people bought it.

I mean, really… people expect a millionaire asshole to have the working class’ best interest at heart? I tell you that they do, because I personally know good-hearted folk who believe tRumpledore genuinely cares about the American people and that climate change really is a hoax. I just cannot wrap my head around that.

Update: It’s December 1, and the tRumpledore has in fact picked Wall Street insiders, corporate billionaires, and Washington lobbyist as his cabinet picks. What’s scarier is that I think a lot of his followers don’t care (like they don’t care that hate crimes in America spiked right after the elections). It is obvious that people are blind. We all believe what we want to believe.

So this Obama guy is the image of America

With many apologies to the purists of the country, this man represents America as it really is. Racially and culturally diverse, he is a living representation of the very foundation of our country, yet he still faces racism and bigotry because he is not (100%) white, even though he most certainly deserves a high level of respect due to the fact that he is truly intelligent and eloquent. That’s not to say I didn’t want to see a female Clinton take office…. really.